Outside the civil marriage, the spouses can organize a traditional wedding ceremony, without any legal value, to complete a civil marriage or to renew their vows.

As usual, your ceremony will take place on a white sandy beach, on a motu (small island) or under a beach at La Pearl de Tahaa, with the crystal clear waters of the lagoon or as a backdrop Of greenery in La Pearl of Tahaa. After you are dressed in traditional costumes made of flowers and white or vegetable pareos, you will be brought before the high priest, to the sound of the ukulele, and the pu (wind instrument shaped in a shell). Ceremony will bless you with coconut water, and will give you a Polynesian name, chosen to follow you throughout your life. This one will be written on the certificate of marriage in tapa (a kind of parchment made from vegetable matter, without legal value) which will be given to you after the festivities. Closing ceremony, music and songs.

TARIFF: From 80 000 CFP (670€)